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unwind and relax

Wilga Station's 12 million litre, natural swimming pond is a highlight all year round. Exclusively available to Wilga Station Farm guests, the swimming pond, with its pontoon and fountain, is an easy 150m stroll from the Shearers Hall and Farmers Hut and is a beautiful place to unwind and relax. The natural ecosystem is teeming with life, including turtles, water birds and young Australian bass (for catch and release fishing!). Carefully planted and curated naturally filtering plantlife, along with the large fountain, has made the water crystal clear and clean, absolutely perfect for swimming and kayaking.

Even in the cooler months, guests can sit around an open fire pit and watch the sunset from the weeping willow island – accessed only from a 10-metre-long bridge created from recycled hardwood and steel from the sheep yards.


take in the sights

One of the joys of Wilga Station that our visitors absolutely rave about is the The Sheep Trail, a meandering bush walk that weaves its way down from The Shearers Hall and Farmers Hut to Wilga Station's private section of the Evans Plains Creek. About a 25 minute, downhill bush walk (about 35 minutes back), the track is the best way to view Wilga Station's natural flora and fauna and to take in the sights of the property.

Available exclusively to Wilga Station guests, the track was originally created by sheep walking to the water holes on the property, it has now been curated to be the perfect human walking track. The journey is just the beginning though, as the end of the trail, guests are rewarded with the phenomenal rock and willow lined Evans Plains Creek at the end.

If you’d like to enjoy this experience during your stay, please bring all-terrain shoes or hiking boots.


tranquil and private surroundings

The private section of the Evans Plains Creek that flows through Wilga Station is spectacular! A highlight for all guests who visit the property, the creek is lined with weeping willow trees and enormous, ancient boulders. The creek is at the end of Wilga Station's curated bushwalk, The Sheep Trail (an easy 25-35 minute walk from the Shearers Hall and Farmers Hut). The crystal clear water is perfect for swimming or paddling in warmer months, but also for exploring and adventuring! Look out for turtles and yabbies in the water holes, even the possibility of spotting an elusive echidna or platypus!

There’s a firepit down by the creek which is available under certain fire conditions, in addition to a picnic area to rest and soak up the tranquil and private surroundings. The creek is exclusively available to Wilga Station guests.

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Wilga Station offers two superb Bathurst locations – farm and city – both offering exceptional levels of contemporary, luxury accommodation.

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